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Propagate Christ Using tech

"And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come."​
Matthew 24:14


At Tech4Christ, we believe that technology can be an integral part of advancing the gospel of Christ, and we have chosen that path. We envision a time where tech innovations would not only be developed by Christians but also, used as means to  draw the world closer to God.

Here's How we plan to achieve that...

By building a Family.

We are bringing together people who can use technology to drive the message of the kingdom of Christ, through an annual outreach program in San Francisco that helps to take the message of Jesus Christ to the tech population.

By Taking it One Step at a Time

These converted believers are then commissioned to develop tech products and strategies that can advance the gospel.

By Raising the funds Needed.

We aim to create global funds for missionaries and ministries around the world who are actively preaching the gospel as mandated by Jesus Christ.

WE are on a mission

We are at a crucial point in history and we have to put our hands to the plough and do the work He has sent us to do quickly.
We are building a team,


We know tech has solved some of the world’s most pressing problems and continues to do so.

Why not use it to push the most important solution to man’s kind issues; Christ? 

If you are passionate about using tech to tell the world about Christ, then, we will like you to be a part of the Tech4Christ team, so as to be involved in planning, strategy, and prayers for our first outreach.

The time is now

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